ISBAA The Forgotten Files : Sandhill Crane and Baby

I actually started this blog in July of 2009. Between that date and Memorial Day Weekend of last year my posting was sporadic. Sometimes you start a project thinking its a good idea and then find maybe it just was not the right time to do it. I think that best describes my early blogging. (please see more text below)

I think one of the coolest thing about blogging your work is when you post often you can see how your work improves over time. Of course you are always going to have your favorites that you shot from earlier on and this is one of them for me.

This photo was one of my first posts that I did not edit out. Back then I did not even tag posts or use categories. Chances are most folks who have followed this blog even as early as last summer probably did not ever see my pre May 2013 posts.

So, here is another of those those very early occasional posts. This photo was taken during an afternoon trip to The Viera Wetlands in Central Florida in May 2009. The Viera Wetlands is a fantastic place to go birding and capture great wildlife scenes.  The baby seems like its in a very safe place as it feeds.

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