Havre de Grace, Maryland

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I paid my first visit to Havre de Grace several years ago on my way back from a business trip to Philadelphia. My dad who had passed away a year earlier had spoken fondly of the town now and then as he lived there temporarily in his youth. I had always been intrigued by that fact and decided to take the short trek off Route 95 to Havre de Grace. (please see more photos and text below)

Havre de Grace is situated north of Baltimore, at the mouth of the Susquehanna River and the head of Chesapeake Bay. It is a birder’s and photographer’s paradise.
I reached the town’s waterfront park in the late afternoon. The light was fantastic and several birds could be seen in the wetlands that can be found at the foot of the park, including the heron above who appeared to be looking for a late lunch or early dinner.

web have degrace painter

The afternoon I was there was the kickoff for an artists weekend so many painters had set up their easels around the boardwalk next to the water.

Fun fact about Havre de Grace,  The town came very close to becoming the capital of the United States. According to HavredeGracemd.com : Havre de Grace in 1789, was a candidate for the honor of being named capital of the United States. When the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the new permanent U.S. capital, the vote was tied between Washington, D.C. and Havre de Grace—with the tie-breaking vote cast by the House Speaker, in favor of Washington, D.C., according.

Check back later this week for some more photos of beautiful Havre de Grace.


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