Going for a Sunday Drive… Door on an Old Log Cabin

web sunday drive

Regular followers have probably noticed by now, I really like photographing old doors. (please see below for second photo and additional text)

I shot this door on a historic log cabin in Granstville, MD, in September. As you can see from wide shot of the same structure below, this building is in a state or restoration, so I zeroed in on the door and some of the wall built around it.

These weathered buildings are so rich with texture and personality.   I have driven past this site a few dozen times but it was not until this recent pleasure drive that I slowed down to take a look, and took some photos. Sunday drives are great for taking some time to slow down and see things you may have never noticed before.

Thanks for stopping by! Rob

web cabin rob paine


  1. I enjoy shooting old doors, too! Shot some high up in the Rockies once at a restored ghost town. If you ever get out to Bodie, CA (an old ghost town off Hwy 395 north of Mono Lake), it’s a great place to shoot!


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