My Office Window #1

paine window office

Shortly after I started working from home, I began to look at my office window in ways I never had: the way the light went thru the patterns on the curtain and how dynamic the colors in the background were. So, like any other self respecting photographer would do, I started taking pictures.

Ever since, whenever the spirit moves me I pick up my iPhone or Nikon and capture whatever patterns I see. I usually focus on the curtain and pay attention to where the light is seeping thru.

The photo above is one of the images in this series of office window pictures I have shot over the years.

What do you see in or out your office window? Would it make an interesting photograph? Sometimes the most obvious photos are right under our nose.

5 responses to “My Office Window #1”

  1. A close-up of the sun ight shining through the sheer curtains next to my desk on a summer’s day is just magic. Such patterns dancing in the breeze (when my balcony door is open).


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