Savannah Steeple


Savannah is another of those destinations where it is easy to lose yourself in photography. With its gardens, the river, a national wildlife refuge and classic architecture, Savannah has a little bit of something for everyone. (click here to see another photo)

I took this church photo during my one and only trip to the area. The same trip during which the photos featured in my earlier Savannah posts originated.

When composing photos, creative framing, -shooting your subject framed by another subject- ( which could be a tree, a person, a building or gate), can add depth and an additional dimension to your work. It can also provide perspective and a sense of place which will aide you in your visual storytelling.

The wrought iron fence next to this church made for the perfect frame for this photo shot in the late afternoon.

If you are planning a visit to Savannah, be aware that during the summer, it is very very hot and humid. According to Wikipedia, Savannah is classified as “humid subtropical.”

Below is another angle of the same church.

rob paine savannah church

My visit was shortly before St. Patricks Day, so the weather was warm but not too hot, in my mind a perfect time to be in the area.
By the way, Savannah is home to one of the largest St. Patrick Day celebrations in the country. I have heard it is a blast!


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