Beauty in a parking lot

web tulip Rob Paine Photo Photographing flowers are good way to start your journey into creative photography.
I remember shooting my first flower while visiting my dad in North Carolina what seemed like eons ago. I worked at AP at the time, fully immersed in photojournalism as a photo editor and never really thought about shooting flowers.
So my dad is taking a nap, it had just stopped raining and I was getting bored and decided to try my hand at flowers that afternoon. Flowers and nature have been my passion ever since.
The photo (at left) was taken a couple of years ago in Deep Creek Maryland in the parking lot of a condominium . A few tulips were wedged in between the asphalt and a very unattractive utility box. I got on my hands and knees and crept as close as I could to the flower with my macro lens to isolate the plant from its busy surroundings. I was rather pleased with the results. The rain drops on the flower add some extra interest to the photo. The tall grass blurred out makes for a lush green backdrop.

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