2013 Year In Review : Weekly Photo Challenge-Masterpiece


Before the new year starts, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most viewed and most “liked” posts on this blog. I may also throw in a couple of my personal favorites that may have not received that much attention their first time out. For some of these Year in Review stories, I may add other photos or additional notes that have similar subject matter but did not run in the particular post the first time out. I will also provide a link to the original version.

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For those of you who missed these posts the first time out,  I hope you will enjoy  them.  For those long timers  I hope you will enjoy taking a second look. Over the next week or so I will also be running new posts as warranted so please keep an eye on the ISBAA dailies.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this blog a success.

This post ran originally on July 26, 2013. The Original Post can be found at Weekly Photo Challenge Masterpiece

For me, the greatest masterpiece produced by nature is autumn‘s colors.

Every October I usually get up to the Deep Creek Lake Area for the Autumn Glory festival. Sometimes the leaves cooperate and turn during the festival though lately its seem to be happening a week or so before schedule. On a good year, the colors are amazing.

I shot the photo above early one October morning while on a drive around the lake. I practically slammed on my brakes to park when I saw this scene as it was something I did not want to miss.

To me, this picture says fall and reminds me of everything beautiful about that time of year. You can see a little sliver of the lake at far left but the leaves are the star of this show.

The church steeple photo was taken in Accident, MD during another fall trip.

I really liked the way these orange leaves appeared to frame the church top.

The photo below was taken along Deep Creek Lake very late one fall afternoon.

w Accident MD Fall Steeple

W deep creek lake autumn  Rob Paine


  1. Just amazing … nature is the biggest masterpiece … beside life. Thanks for going back in time and let us reflex on what has been – and let us stand still for a while. Excellent idea.


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