Loss of an Old Friend : The Old Barn on Mayhew Inn Road in Garrett County, MD.

Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2015
The Old Barn in Better Days in January 2010. Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2015

I learned this morning via the Deep Creek Times and then The Republican Newspaper that the roof of a beloved historical Garrett County (MD) landmark, the old barn on Mayhew Inn Road finally succumbed to the elements this month.  The Republican link includes an up to date photo taken by another local photographer of the fully collapsed roof. (please see more photos below) Continue reading

Solitude at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

rob paine deep creek lake
I want to thank all the wonderful people who dropped by my booth at the Deep Creek Lake Art and Wine Festival yesterday. I enjoy meeting people and I always am interested to learn where folks are from, what they do (or did before they retired) and what brought them to the Western Maryland Area. I guess its the journalist in me. (please see more text and second photo below) Continue reading